Photography Tips.

For the last year I've been shooting with my camera on manual and my photos are so much better. Read your camera manual, take a photography workshop, read some photography books and get your camera off auto.
 If you are shooting a portrait or a group of people, position them where you would like them. Make sure there is nothing distracting going on in the back ground. I would recommend a plain background like a wall, cream blanket, or grass so your subject is the focus.
Focus on your subject and it will stand out against a blurry background.  Practice shooting with different apertures.

You'll get a completely different perspective when you get down to your subjects level.  Make sure you move around and get different angles.

 Everything looks better in natural light. Here I have stood near window to get good natural lighting. The best time to shoot is around 2 hours before sun set or early in the morning.

Practice make perfect! This is probably one of the most important tip because not only will you get lots of practice you'll also get lots of interesting photos and develop your style.

I am not a professional photographer, just a girl who loves to take photos. I hope you find my tips helpful!

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