Stills A Weekly Collection.

1// Gracie distracting me whilst I was studying for my science topic test.
2// Afternoon walk.
3// Nice treat after being in the hospital.

All photos from my instagram @hellozara_

Mayver Product Rewiew.

All Mayvers pure-state spreads are 100% sugar, dairy and gluten free, are very low in salt, low G.I and contain plenty of good fats, whilst being low in saturated fat making them perfect for people looking for healthy alternatives to butter and margarine.

Today I will be reviewing my favourite spread from Mayvers, the Organic Peanut & Coconut Spread.

It's 100% organic, no salt, sugar, added fats or chemicals. Mayvers Organic Peanut & Coconut Spread has a normal taste like the usual brands with none of the artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. I was expecting a massive hit of coconut but since peanut is such a strong flavour, the coconut kind of gets dominated. The coconut is still very noticeable though. 

Did you know:  The flesh of coconut actually contains a stack of fibre?! Fibre slows digestion, helps control blood sugar levels and keeps your bowels happy. See, coconut has it's benefits.

The Organic Peanut & Coconut Spread is great to have on toast, used as a dip with fruits and vegetables and in lots of recipes.

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