This Week I'm Loving.

Each week on Tuesday I will share things I am loving that week! This week I'm loving......
I'm loving Lordes song 'Team'.
 I'm loving this photo that I posted on my Instagram. @hellozara_
I'm loving the blog You Me Naturally. This blog has great tips on how to live naturally, great recipes and tips and advice!

Lara Hotz Photography

Lara loves taking photos, it’s her passion. She likes old furniture, fresh air and is an explorer of new places and faces and a hopeless romantic.

Lara believes photography is about capturing moments and finding beauty in unlikely places.

Lara Hotz Photography is located in Sydney Australia but shoots weddings all over Australia and the World.

Lara's photography tells a story by capturing the perfect picture, a story of love, beauty and happiness.

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Backyard Wedding.

This is one of those weddings that will make you swoon for days as the day was full of love and happiness for the couple. The bride, Amy and the groom, Al were high school sweethearts that after many years and two children later, found their way back to each other and married in front of their family and friends who expressed nothing but love and happiness for them.   The wedding took place in the privacy of the bride's sisters backyard located outside of East Troy, Wisconsin.   Their details were simple, with purple balloons around their tent and gorgeous flower arrangements.They drove to their ceremony together in a vintage car - which Amy had know idea about until minutes before the wedding began.    

Sara Marie Photography specializes in lifestyle and weddings located in Southeastern Wisconsin.  Her style is fun, unique, creative, and fresh while also trying to keep things natural.  

Paper Straws.

Paper straws are perfect for kids parties, weddings and all kinds of celebrations - or just for everyday! I sell  the best quality paper straws available.
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