The Happy Cabin - Leah

Today I have had the opportunity to interview the lovely Leah from The Happy Cabin!

Tell us about your shop?

The Happy Cabin is a Men and Women's clothing store with a mix of homely goodies and worldly treasures. A haven for sexy lumberjacks and dorky girls.

What is your favourite fashion trend  at the moment?

I've developed a slight obsession with stripes, and I'm really liking anything light and cotton considering it's so hot in Brisbane at the moment. I really like natural fibres, and a lot of the guys stuff I have in is made from organic cotton or bamboo - super cool.

What is your favourite thing about owning a online shop?

The online shop is really just a virtual version of my real life shop, so they're really one in the same. I guess my favourite thing would be designing everything and writing up little stories about the clothing.

What is your favourite brand?

In the shop I'd say House of Cards - such a talented young Brisbane lady, every collection she makes just gets better and better, she is destined for big things in the fashion world. Outside of the store - I'm a bit of a sucker for American Apparel. Gotta love a good basic. 

Who inspires you?

People who are positive. My Mum and Dad. Beyonce. Hell yeah.

Do you have a favourite print you love to wear?

I love whipping out a good tacky 90's Fran Fine leopard print. It's nostalgic, funny and makes me do adventurous things.

Lastly, who is your favourite fashion designer?

Lisa Gorman - I'm a bit of a Gorman Fan and I think what she has created is phenomenal, both in her clothing and business.

Thank you Leah for letting me interview you!

You can visit The Happy Cabin HERE and you can also follow Leah on Instagram, @thehappycabbin.

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